Boys on camp



 At St Patrick’s students experience a wide variety of excursions, incursions, camps  and learning activities.  Engagement, real world learning, independence and resilience in action.



Our vision & mission in action, enlivening and enriching our community & ourselves.



Education for the 21st Century. Modern curriculum, equipment and instruction.Committed, professional staff.

students participating in Liturgy on altar Christ


Students regularly participate in liturgies, sacraments, and parish & community activities, truly activating and living the values and ideals of our mission and vision.

The Staff of St Patrick’s Primary School Wangaratta warmly welcomes you and your child to school

It is our hope and wish that your child:

  • Enjoys school
  • Is happy
  • Grows in confidence
  • Develops a sense of achievement and responsibility
  • Grows to be a person for others
  • Becomes faith-filled in the Spirit of Jesus

Belonging to St. Patrick’s means:

  • Being committed to Gospel values
  • Sharing talents, resources and friendship
  • Listening to and respecting each other
  • Giving and receiving support and encouragement
  • Discovering our giftedness and specialness and being open to continue learning, ever ready to be surprised by God’s goodness